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Postmortem Interval Pt. I: Algor Mortis: The Linear Rate Of Cadaveric Cooling


  1. Full text of "The student's medical dictionary; including all the words and phrases generally used in medicine, with their proper pronunciation and definitions; based on .
  2. Cold, chilly. A. Fever, a pernicious intermittent fever, with great coldness of the surface of the body. A. Cholera, the cold stage of Asiatic cholera. Algometer (al-gom'-et-er) [aXyof, pain ; fierpov, a measure]. An instrument for test- ing the sensibility of a part to pain. Algor (al' .
  3. Algor mortis: an erroneous measurement following postmortem refrigeration. PubMed. Wardak, Khalil S; Cina, Stephen J. Determination of the time of death is one goal of medicolegal death investigations. Algor mortis has been used as a measure of the postmortem interval (PMI). We prospectively recorded the core temperatures of

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