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A Poem To The Moon


  1. Percy Bysshe Shelley () was one of the greatest second-generation Romantic poets, along with John Keats and Lord Byron. Shelley’s poem ‘To the Moon’ is a short lyric in which the poet, addressing the moon in the night sky, poses several questions to it.
  2. A Hunter’s Moon peeking. between fingerlings of cloud. would be a waste ink. This poem should be about. the rest of the man’s remains, found 60 miles north. It should be about. the small pink underpants. in a Goodwill parking lot yesterday, and the many ways. they might have gotten there. This poem can’t be about. the moon-cast.
  3. the roof let in the luminance of the moon. A memory unfolded while I held your hand, repainting our years, a devoted love Steam is drawn from our hands. Flames-brushed each wall as aging you and me.
  4. Here you will find the Poem A Hymn to the Moon of poet Lady Mary Wortley Montagu A Hymn to the Moon Written in July, in an arbour Thou silver deity of secret night, Direct my footsteps through the woodland shade; Thou conscious witness of unknown delight, The Lover's guardian, and the Muse's aid!
  5. An old-fashioned poem about a visit to the moon. Story Reads: 15, We once sang a sweet song. in the merry month of June, “Oh Come With Me To The. Valley Of The Moon!”. We shall travel about in clothes. of golden sand, if you will just give me your.
  6. FULL MOON. One night as Dick lay fast asleep, Into his drowsy eyes A great still light began to creep From out the silent skies. It was the lovely moon's, for when He raised his dreamy head, Her surge of silver filled the pane And streamed across his bed. So, for a while, each gazed at each- Dick and the solemn moon-Till, climbing slowly on her.
  7. Sonnet VIII: If your eyes were not the color of the moon by Pablo Neruda; Speaking to the moon by Inas Essa; Summer Moon by Frederick Kesner; The Crazed Moon by William Butler Yeats; The Crescent Moon by Amy Lowell; The Girl with the Moon in her Heart by Louise Emily Thomas; The Last Quarter of the Moon by Amy Lowell; The Phases Of The Moon by.
  8. This is one of the greatest poems about the moon in all of English literature (in our opinion). Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, ‘ Hymn to the Moon ’. Montagu () was a remarkable woman: as well as her writing, she is also celebrated for introducing smallpox inoculation to Britain, half a century before Edward Jenner developed vaccination against the disease.
  9. Love might be different, poetry and literature would have noticeable gaps, and our spirits could not reach that same glory that a full moon on a clear night can draw so easily from us. The moon is in our marrow even though many in the last few generations have preferred artificial light instead.

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