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Separation - Shive - Separation / Definition (Vinyl)


  1. Separation definition, an act or instance of separating or the state of being separated. See more.
  2. separation definition: 1. a situation in which two or more people or things are separated: 2. an arrangement, often. Learn more.
  3. Separation definition is - the act or process of separating: the state of being separated. How to use separation in a sentence.
  4. Sep 12,  · Frankly, on my system, the 'separation' effect between CD and vinyl isn't that much - it seems to depend more on the source that was used for the media and its mastering. I think what you may have been experiencing is a cartridge issue. Using a particular record I recently re-tried my old Audio-Technica (I normally use an Ortofon DN) and the.
  5. May 22,  · The thing is, the higher the separation figures, the higher potential a given cartridge has for reproducing the stereo image as intended. The better the left and right images can be separated by the cartridge, the better the entire stereo field can be presented which includes location of images in the spaces in and around the speakers.
  6. Legal Separation: For all practical purposes, a circumstantial divorce without a legal decree. Legal separation usually entails a court order that two spouses can live apart as unmarried persons.
  7. Separation is the process by which a substance divides or is divided into component parts. Distillation of a substance results in its separation into liquids with different boiling points. Chromatography is a widely used technique for separation and purification of the components of a substance.
  8. Having a legal separation agreement is a financially beneficial step you can take if you are having marital problems and have decided to separate in a state that recognizes legal separation. Have an attorney draw up the legal separation agreement before both spouses sign it, and it should be smooth sailing from there if you and your spouse easily come to agreeable terms.

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