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Gonna Make You (Fun In The Sun Mix) - Melinda Morane - Gonna Make You (Vinyl)


  1. I'm not sure the inspiration for the song "Melinda" by John and Terry Talbot, but Terry says it was them "just telling stories." I can give you a synopsis of it. A man goes to a witch's cabin in.
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  3. we can be worry free just take it from me Honey child let me tell you now child That morning sun is here to greet us with a loving light, so warm that morning sun is here to meet us waiting on the waking up of everyone She ain't gonna quit till you're smiling now let me tell you child let me tell you honey child That morning sun has come to greet you she's peeking round the corner just waiting.
  4. I'm gonna make you mine Yeah, I'm gonna make you mine Gonna take you slow dancing by the water I just wanna hold you tight I'm in love with a soul miner's daughter And I'm gonna make you mine You're a hallelujah, Sunday morning All I've ever needed, wanted Underneath this pale moon sky I'm gonna make you mine Yeah, I'm gonna make you mine You.
  5. Jun 07,  · ReStructure Mix Update (6/7/18) “Tonight I’m Gonna Make You A Star” - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix – Brenda Jones Brenda Jones is a soul vocalist from .
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  7. Oh your eyes are shining in this half-light But you're not so sure of yourself . tonight We have got ourselves a fire for us to light But you, yeah you remain so quite and polite.. And I said Don't you mourn the sun And I said don't you mourn the sun Don't you mourn the sun! Cos darling the night has Just Begun! Darling the night has just begun. Now don't you dare, don't you dare, don.
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